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Jack & Toshiko
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Community for shippers and fans of Capt. Jack Harkness and Dr. Toshiko Sato of "Torchwood" fame, in case the name of community didn't give it away.

1. Play nice. This means no flames or abuse.

2. This is a Jack/Tosh community. Any fanwork you're posting (fics, icons etc.) should revolve around these two.

3. We'll allow some discussion on Torchwood in general e.g. wishlists for next series, what's coming out of the dark for Jack

4. We like Jack/Tosh freindship fics. Threesome fics that incorporate Jack/Tosh too. Feel free to post here.

5. Spoilers must be labeled as such and go under a cut. Ditto for large images and fanfics over a hundred words. If you don't know how to do cuts, then learn.

6. Still not sure what you can post here? Fics, discussion, fanart, icons and other graphics, ideas/thoughts on the ship, fanmixes and polls related to Jack/Tosh are more than welcome.

Join us. You know you want to.